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Legal opinons on DO & GI

Our team prepares legal opinions in the food industry including the wine and spirits sector.

We are specialized in legal matters relating to designations of origin and geographical indications thanks to our strong knowledge of the wine and spirits industry and to specific issues related thereto.

This expertise allows us to identify the needs of our clients more effectively, to anticipate them and to provide customized services adapted to their business activity.

We are highly specialized in IP legal opinions. We frequently prepare legal opinions on scope and validity of IP rights including analysis for allowing our clients to appreciate the risks of any specific action.

Our specific expertise in the food industry allows us to assess the risks of any specific action by taking into account the normative complexity in this particular business.

Our legal opinions cover different type of regulations including intellectual property laws applicable to the wine, spirits and food sector, and more particularly regulations dedicated to products that benefit from quality signs.

Geographical indications and designations of origin are governed in France by different codes: intellectual property code, rural code, as well as consumer code. In addition, European law may apply, making it a complex legal area.

We advise and support our clients by securing their communications and advertising campaigns on wine and spirits. We also provide legal opinions on labeling and packaging of alcoholic beverages.

The characteristics of the wine sector and the complex rules governing it exist ub each European country. In that respect, we have established a network of experienced professionals in Europe with a very good knowledge and experience in the local food and wine industry.