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Antitrust and competition law

Our lawyers will assist you in developing a legal framework for your distribution strategy as well as in designing your diverse sales networks: selective and exclusive distribution networks, franchise agreements, concession agreements, commission-based affiliations, consignments, sales agents and trade groups, both in France and internationally.

Our team can also assist you with competition law issues linked to your external development operations and assist in filing declarations and obtaining authorizations from French as well as the European competition authorities. We can also ensure your representation as well as you defence before these authorities and the competent jurisdictions.

Our lawyers adopt a pragmatic approach to your needs. They are at your disposal to meet and further discuss any questions and issues relating to your distribution strategy and networks.

We have significant experience in drafting all of the different legal agreements necessary either to establish and develop your sales networks or to reorganize already established networks. Our field of expertise extends to commercial leases for distribution networks composed of retail outlets, in particular in town and shopping centers.

Our lawyers are ready to offer you specific solutions, utilising innovative approaches in the distribution field, and to help you develop them with relevant legal techniques.

Our analysis takes into consideration each and every complex aspect of national and international law that can arise in connection with the creation or the reorganisation of these networks and, in particular, French and European intellectual property law and competition law issues upon which their validity and their efficiency depend.

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