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Patents of invention in electronics and ICT

We prepare numerous patent applications in electronics, microelectronics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

We file these patent applications in France, in Germany and in Europe and we enter the European phase of numerous PCT applications at the EPO.
We prosecute these applications before the EPO, the German patent Office and the French patent Office.

We frequently represent our clients in patent oppositions filed at the EPO against granted European patents.

Filing, prosecuting, and maintaining patents in the fields of electronics and ICT

We prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in these fields up to the grant of robust patents.

We also handle the payment of renewal fees for maintaining patent applications and granted patents.

Some of our clients in electronics, microelectronics and ICT are:

  • - STMicroelectronics (microelectronics and ICT)
  • - ST-Ericsson (telecommunications)
  • - Ericsson (telecommunications)
  • -*- Safran (aeronautics)

Oppositions before the European Patent Office (EPO)

We handle oral proceedings in oppositions and appeal relating to patents in the fields of electronics, microelectronics and ICT in English and in French.
Thanks to our presence in Munich, we are able to prepare the oral procedures in the best possible way and with the support of our staff in Munich.
Our high success rate in opposition leads our clients to entrust us with difficult cases.

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