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Patent litigation in Europe

We will build special teams each comprising at least an attorney at law and a patent attorney to represent plaintiffs and defendants before the future Unified Patent Court (UPC).

We already have the experience of such kind of team to represent before the French courts and will take profit of this experience to act before the UPC.

Deep knowledge of the Rules of Procedure before the UPC

Some of our partners have been deeply involved in the discussions relating to this new European court system and we have extensively studied all aspects of the procedural rules which will apply before the various bodies of the future Unified Patent Court.

Our teams of lawyers and patent attorneys located in Paris and Munich will be particularly well placed to act before the central division in Paris for electronics and telecommunication as well as in Munich for mechanical engineering and London for chemistry and life science.

The Unified Patent Court (UPC)

This new court system will have exclusive jurisdiction for European patents and Unitary patents.

A plurality of local and regional divisions will have jurisdiction in first instance to decide on infringement and validity of European patents and Unitary patents (European patents having a "unitary effect" within the European Union).
A central division located in Paris, with sub branches in London and Munich will decide essentially on the validity of the patents and, in certain cases, also on infringement. A single Court of appeal will decide on appeals from decisions of first instance;

The Rules of Procedure will be the same for all divisions and for the Court of Appeal. Those Rules of Procedure will be a mix from the presently existing rules of procedure in the major european countries.

The judges in the panels of the first instance divisions and the Court of Appeal, will be nominated by the Administrative Committee of the UPC. Some of those judges will have a technical background facilitating the understanding of the panel in case of difficult technical questions.

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