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CASALONGA is listed by the INPI as a partner of the IP PASS.

The IP PASS is a financial support set up by the INPI to co-finance legal and strategic services related to intellectual property.

It allows VSE-SME and start-ups (of less than 1,000 employees and/or not being held at more than 25% by a company of more than 1,000 employees) to benefit from INPI funding of up to 50% (subject to validation) of the intellectual property services in order to enable them to integrate intellectual property in their development strategy.

The services that can be financed by the INPI are varied and cover the different industrial property titles such as PATENT WATCH (information gathering), PATENT DOCUMENTARY SEARCH (information gathering), EXPLOITATION / PATENTABILITY (collection and analysis), STATE OF THE ART (collection and analysis), EXPORT PATENT, (strategy and protection under French priority for export including EP patent), EXPORT TRADEMARK (strategy and protection for international export only, including EU trademark), COLLABORATIVE CONTRACT (securing collaborative R&D), CONTRACTUAL IP ASSISTANCE (any contract with an IP clause), IP PRELITIGATION ANALYSIS (international only).

The cost of the service can be up to €6,000, corresponding to €3,000 paid by the INPI, and can be implemented up to 3 times during the life of the company. The maximum cumulative cost (for the 3 services) per company is fixed at 10,000 €, corresponding to a global financing by the INPI of 5,000 €.

Only a French Patent Attorney or a lawyer listed in the INPI database can sign the estimate allowing the INPI to cover the costs. CASALONGA is listed as such.