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Unitary Patent : Council Regulation 1260/2012

The Regulation 1260/2012 defines the Unitary patent translations modalities.

This regulation of the European Union precise translation requirements for the Unitary patent.

Main points :

During a transitional period depending on the progress of the technology of machine translations, the full text of the Unitary patent should be translated. Thereafter, no translation will be required for the Unitary patent, which can be granted in French, English or German.

However, during the transitional period, only one translation is required :

  • - If the patent is granted in French or German, an English translation must be provided by the patentee
  • - If the patent is granted in English, a translation must be provided in any of the languages of the European Union

Failure to file the required translation on time will result in rejection of the request for Unitary patent.

The translation provided has no legal effect but is only for public information.