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Use our Smart and Interactive Code

This Interactive and Annotated Code, powered by Casalonga, makes it easily to navigate through all of the UPC texts and to better understand the system thanks to a number of commentaries.

The platform provides for the interactive and easy consultation of all of the relevant texts:

  • Rules of procedure
  • UPC Agreement
  • UPC Statute
  • Mediation and Arbitration Rules
  • Schedule of court fees; Guidelines for litigation value; European Patent Litigation Certificate; Rules of conduct for Representatives.

Most of the texts contain numerous references to other articles. The tool allows you to click directly on the references to display them in an insert and thus facilitate their reading while remaining on the same page.

The tool also allows a cross-search, by key words, in the different texts.

This new Interactive Code also offers a reflection insights on the rules through integrated commentaries, indicated by the logo .

Finally, the “News” section allows readers to stay permanently connected to the latest news in the sector.

The combination of these different functions offers professionals centralized and annotated content allowing them to apprehend this new system, to understand the provisions that govern it at a glance, in an optimal way, and to anticipate their strategy.

Access to this global platform is unlimited and free to all upon registration on