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Mars 2024 - JUVE PATENT - FRANCE 2024

CASALONGA est de nouveau classé par JUVE Patent parmi les meilleurs cabinets français spécialisés en droit des brevets, tant côté avocat (« Litigation Lawyers ») que côté CPI (« Patent filing »).

« This French IP boutique is known in the market for the well-rehearsed teamwork between its lawyers and patent attorneys. It enjoys an excellent reputation for litigation before the French courts and in EPO oppositions, as well as for its vast prosecution experience. The client list in chemicals and life sciences is particularly impressive.[…] For years, Casalonga has been on a drive towards expansion both in terms of staff and strategically, which the IP boutique skilfully manages while remaining financially independent. As a result, it has risen up to become a major player in both national and European litigation, in the latter before the EPO above all. With its successful teamwork between patent attorneys and lawyers, deeply rooted in the firm’s structure, it is well set for UPC litigation as well ».

Merci à JUVE pour cette belle reconnaissance, à nos équipes pour leur implication sans faille, et à nos clients pour leur confiance.

Retrouvez l’analyse complète de notre cabinet ici.