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2013 - Top 10 des déposants de marques en France

CASALONGA & ASSOCIÉS est classé dans le Top 10 des déposants de marques en France établi par la revue WTR 1000: the World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2013.

"Dating back to 1867, the historied Casalonga & Associés counts founding-family member Axel Casalonga as its senior partner. It is the prosecution arm of the Casalonga group of firms and works alongside filing operations in Munich, Alicante and Grenoble; these astutely placed sites are invaluable in representation on CTM issues, for which Casalonga is particularly feted. It is a prolific filer; brand owners in the hotel and media sectors are among those who have recently benefited from its sophisticated know-how in the field."