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We frequently proceed with IP rights portfolio audits (patents, designs, trademarks, domain names).

Thanks to our extensive technical as well as legal knowledge of IP rights, we provide detailed analyses not only of the existence of the rights but also of their validity and legal value as well as any risks resulting from the use of such rights.

Audits and due diligence

Our experience with contentious and non-contentious matters allows us to accurately analyse IP rights portfolios.

For each audit, we select a team of attorneys supervised by a partner. Our firm has developed a solid reputation preparing clear reports analyzing and explaining potential risks to our clients.

For each patent portfolio, we select a team comprising a specialized lawyer and a patent attorney having a technical background in the relevant technical field.

We also assist our clients in connection with large financial transactions that involve the transfer of IP rights. Our clients in this domain are investment funds, banks or corporate attorneys seeking assistance from specialized IP attorneys.

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