You will find here a selection of decisions of the French Courts, of the European patent Office (EPO) and of the European Union Intellectual property Office(EUIPO). Various teams of CASALONGA were involved in some of the cases handled. Other cases are quoted here in view of their particular importance.

Paris Court of Appeal - BIOGARAN v/ GILEAD


BIOGARAN was represented by Marianne Gabriel, Attorney at Law and Arnaud CASALONGA Attorney at Law.

This case involves "Truvada", a drug comprising tenofovir disoproxil combined with emtricitabine for the treatment of patients infected with the HIV virus causing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or "AIDS".

Gilead is the owner of European Patent No. 0.915.894 (EP 894) entitled "nucleotide analogues" filed on July 25, 1997 under priority of US Patent 6868389 dated July 26, 1996, (...)