You will find here a selection of decisions of the French Courts, of the European patent Office (EPO) and of the European Union Intellectual property Office(EUIPO). Various teams of CASALONGA were involved in some of the cases handled. Other cases are quoted here in view of their particular importance.

EPO - T 2451/09 - Sealing slide fastener with teeth welded onto the tapes which they join


The opponent, YKK CORPORATION, was represented by Axel Casalonga, European Patent Attorney.

The decision of the Board of Appeal completely follows the position of YKK and revokes the patent of RIRI for lack of sufficient disclosure which is a rather seldomly accepted ground.

The opposition had been filed against European patent No. 1 294 248 to RIRI for insufficient disclosure of the invention, among other grounds. The invention concerns a (...)

EPO - T 1710/09 - Alendronate for use in the treatment of osteoporosis


The Opponent, BIOGARAN, was represented by Virginie Martin-Charbonneau and Gérard Dossmann, European Patent Attorneys.

The decision of the Board of Appeal is entirely favorable to the Opponent and revoked the European patent EP 1175904 of MERCK relating to the weekly posology of alendronate, one of the most prescribed drugs in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Merck’s patent involved the use of alendronate in the manufacture of a medicament for treating osteoporosis in humans, in need of such treatment, wherein said medicament is (...)

Paris 1st Instance Court - SPORTDESIGN v/ HEELING SPORTS LIMITED et al


Heeling Sports EMEA was represented by Arnaud Casalonga Lawyer, assisted by Olivier Delprat, Patent Attorney.

Heeling Sports EMEA, a Belgian company, has an exclusive license of European Patent EP 1175160 belonging to Heeling Sports Ltd.

The decision validates the Heeling patent by precisely defining the skilled person that must be considered.

The company SPORT DESIGN, which had been formally notified by Heeling to stop selling shoes that Heeling considered covered by the patent of which it was licensee, filed a (...)