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April 2, 2015 - Paris - France

Mock trial conducted according to the procedure of the future Unified Patent Court (UPC) by UJUB (Union pour la Juridiction Unifiée des Brevets).

Speaker : Axel Casalonga, French & European Patent Attorney.

Axel Casalonga acted as representative of the patentee, the plaintiff in an infringement action.
This mock trial emphasizes two important aspects of the infringement action before the UPC :

  • - Preservation of evidence of infringement by an inspection of premices (saisie-contrefaçon)
  • - Preliminary injunction.

Oral hearings are held in English before the local division in Paris whose panel is composed of three judges with legal background (two having French nationality and the third one another nationality in order to ensure the European character of the First instance court) and a judge with technical background.

To watch the mock trial, please click here.